Od Apríla 2019 - Ponúkame tu dole 14 aktuálnych pracovných ponúk do Anglicka, Škótska, sev.Írska. Jedná sa o pozície do automobilovej výroby, cukrári do pekární, do hotelov a reštaurácií, pre opatrovateľov zdravotníkov, zváračov...pre jednotlivcov aj pre páry

Vacancy 1:

  • England, Electric Engineer to work as team leader for waste recycling factory near Birmingham
  • We require:
  • - Very good electrical background;
  • - Binding experience on similar position;
  • - Holder of Diploma for higher education in Electric Engineering;
  • - To be able to work on electric control panels;
  • - To be able to work on production line systems;
  • - Work under pressure;
  • - High level of communication skills -written and oral;
  • - Excellent computer literacy.
  • We offer:
  • - Salary 9.5 - 10 GBP per hour;
  • - Working time on 12-hour day and night shifts;
  • - Accommodation will be provided and shall cost 40-60 GBP per week;
  • - Immediate start;

- Permanent contract


Vacancy 2:

Scotland, An Experienced Confectioner in a Biscuit Bakery

 Responsibilities and competencies:

• Minimum two years of professional experience;

• Measuring and mixing the ingredients of the products according to the company's recipes,

introducing improvements in prescriptions;

• Decorating items with chocolates and cream, working with syringes is a key skill

• Preparing mixtures for different items in accordance with the recipes;

• Working with ovens for roasting all products;

• Ensure that the daily production of all products is consistent with the objectives and schedules set by the manager;

• Working with syringes;

• Ensure that the production team performs its duties in accordance with company rules and regulations;

• To strictly observe the standard of cleanliness and hygiene in production areas;

• To observe safety rules;

• To support the training of the production team;

• Keep records of orders and costs when ordering products from established suppliers;

• Ensure quality standards for the bakery;

• Control and coordinate the work of the staff, ensure the achievement of the daily goals;

• Adhere to the policies, systems and procedures of the enterprise.

• To know the work with standard kitchen equipment and machines;

• Good spoken and written English;

• Ability to work quickly and accurately;

• Planning, organization and prioritization;

• Attention to detail and accuracy;

• Honest, discreet and reliable candidate.

We offer:

- Pay 8.35 pounds per hour;

- Working time minimum 40 hours a week;

- Accommodation provided for 200 pounds a month;

- Immediate start;

- A permanent contract.


Vacancy 3:

We are looking to employ 6 production workers for our customer – an automotive production company based in Oxfordshire.

We require:

- To pass a medical test , and to be pass simple math test;

- Good level of English – at least A2;

- Physically fit and able to stand on foot long time;

- Must be able to work well with its arms;

- To be willing to work night shifts when needed;

- We do not require past production working experience but such experience will be an advantage.


We offer:

- Excellent working conditions;

- Good training and possibility to build a career in the automotive industry;

- We require 12 weeks trial period and after this the right worker shall receive a salary increase;

Holiday 5,6 weeks annually and paid which also includes national holidays.


- 9,20 GBP (for 39 hours),+  additional payments for overtime;

Overtime rates:

From 1 to 8 hours – 10.92 GBP per hour

From 8 to 16 hours – 12.32 GBP per hour

Above 16 часа – 16.42 GBP per hour


Accommodation: 80 GBP per week which is deducted from your salary. No upfront payment for your rent shall be due.


The company shall provide working cloths at no cost;


Vacancy 4:

Scotland, 2 waitresses for a restaurant near Aberdeen

We require:

-          Experience in the relevant position

-          Good spoken English

-          Hardworking and diligent candidates

We offer:

-          Salary 300 GBP net per week

-          Accommodation provided for free

-          Immediate start

-          Permanent contracts.


Vacancy 5:

We need 3 General Assistants (restaurant workers) for a restaurant / café, which is about 50 miles north of Glasgow.

The business is in a rural area and candidates have to agree to work and live away from the big city.

We require:

- The workers will serve customers, the restaurant serves about 2000 people daily;

- Some workers will prepare sandwiches, fish and chips, others will work as cashiers, and others will serve and clean up tables;

- Workers will work in different positions on a rotating basis;

- They will welcome guests;

- Have a positive attitude;

- Attention to detail;

- Good English - to be able to communicate freely with guests and other staff

We offer:

- Pay £ 8.25 / hour + 30p / hour that will be paid at the end of the season as a bonus. The payout will increase to £ 8.50 / hour when the worker completes his / her training after 3 months. For the right candidate we can offer higher pay;

- 50 pounds per week with internet and utilities included;

- Working time minimum 40 hours a week;

- Work is seasonal. Two of the candidates have to start in March and four in May. The job ends at the end of October. There is an opportunity for good candidates to stay throughout the year.


Vacancy 6:

England, A couple – housekeeper and waiter for a hotel in Cornwall for the period from the 1st April till the middle of December

We require:

-          Experience in the relevant position

-          Good spoken English

-          Hardworking and reliable candidates

We offer:

-          Salary 8,21 GBP per hour

-          Accommodation provided for 42 GBP per person per week

-          Working time min. 40 hours a week

-          Temporary contracts.


Vacancy 7:

Scotland, Family owned business located in the West Highlands of Scotland is looking for 3-4 couples to work as team members for the period 15th March – 1st November.

The business consists of: 5 retail shops, selling (among other things) quality outdoor clothing, souvenirs, sweets,Scotch whisky, and, of course, Filling Station and forecourt (5 fuel pumps) and 2 self-service restaurants.

We require:

-       Good spoken English

-       Previous experience is not required but would be an advantage

-       Responsible and reliable candidates

We offer:

-       Salary 8.21 GBP per hour during the training period (8 weeks) and after 8 weeks salary shall increase after review

-       Accommodation provided on site for 44.50 GBP per  week per person including all bills, bedding and bed linens, Freesat TV, laundry & kitchen facilities. All kitchens are fully equipped with fridges,freezers, cutlery, crockery, tables, chairs, pots and pans etc. Your room will have all the furniture, curtains, pillows and duvets, Internet access for £6.00 per week per room. Free meals when on duty.

-       Start date 20th  - 25th March

-       Temporary contract, there is a possibility the temporary employment contract to become permanent.

Vacancy 8:

We are looking for Welders for our customer based in Northern Ireland


- Experience with MIG welding, minimum 1 year;

- Experience in Production welding preferred;

- A minimum English language (A2).

- Strong working ethics in terms of quality, working time and attendance.


Payment and conditions:

- starting salary 11.50 pounds per hour. Every 3 months there will be salary review;

- Guaranteed 168 hours minimum monthly.

- Possibility for overtime.

- Accommodation provided, a private furnished  room - 375 pounds per month, which is deducted from the salary. The room is close to the factory – we have a person in place to drive you when possible to and from work;

- Paid annual leave - 28 days a year.



- Welding various fittings to the right standard.

- Complete daily safety check of equipment in the area,

- Record the progress of the assemblies during the manufacturing process.

- Maintain a high level of order on the working place.

- Compliance with all procedures and policies of the company.

You have to be able to pay for your flight ticket to N. Ireland.  


Vacancy 9:

A couple for General assistants in a hotel in Aberdeenshire for the period from now till the end of October

We require:

-          Good professional experience

-          Good spoken English

-          Hardworking and motivated candidates

We offer:

-          Salary 8,21 GBP per hour

-          Working time min. 40 hours a week

-          Accommodation provided for 120 GBP per person per week

-          Immediate start.

-          Temporary contracts.


Vacancy 10:

We are looking for 3 General assistants (female preferred – due to accommodation). One of the candidates must have driving license and very good English to travel between 2 of the customer’s hotels. The hotels of the customer are based in Essex

Duties vary from: cleaning, housekeeping, help in the kitchen to prepare meals, bar, waiting, hotel reception and will depend on experience;

We require:

-          Experience in hospitality is required – minimum 6 months

-          Very good English and long term commitment to stay with the employer on a permanent basis for minimum 12 months

-          UK/EU driving license;

-          Hardworking and responsible candidate

We offer:

-          Salary 7,83 per hour gross payment

-          Working time 35 – 45 hour a week

-          Work on morning and afternoon shifts (split shifts possible)

-          You will work part time in one of the hotel and then the rest of the working day at the other hotel (the distance between the hotels is about 10 km – and you will use company car for this.)

-          Accommodation provided for free, single room with shared bathroom and lounge / TV room

-          Immediate start


Vacancy 11:

We are looking for care assistants for our domiciliary care establishment in South – West London (Berkshire). The patients are at their homes and the care assistants must visit the private homes and follow strict care plan. There are patients that are terminally ill but there are patients that can do basic care for them as well.

We require:

  • Driving license is preferred (you can apply for the job if you do not have DL but you must find alternative ways of transport to get to the patients). We provide company car after the candidate passes training course with an instructor; We have a lot of care workers who walk to their patients. The patients are not long distance about 10-15 min walk one from the other;
  • Good communicational skills – at least B 1 (upper intermediate level) English; able to speak and write to a good level;
  • Hard working person that is willing to work long hours; Good health;
  • Experience is a plus but we would consider candidates without experience;

We require at least 12 months/permanent commitment.

 We offer:

  • Working time 40 – 70 hours a week
  • Payment per hour (before taxes):

-          7,84 GBP for the time when you travel from one patient to another

-          8.60 GBP in weekdays

-          9.60 GBP during weekends

-          11.70 GBP   in Bank holydays

v  The days off - 1 or 2 days in the weekdays depending on the employer's schedule.

  • Accommodation: is provided around 70 – 80 GBP per week.
  • Proper training in accordance with the UK regulations.


Vacancy 12:

Scotland, Two girls/couple for general assistants in a hotel near Glasgow for the period April – end of October

Duties: well come guests, flexible and smiley candidates ready to work in bars/housekeeping/waitressing

We require:

-          Good spoken English

-          Experience in waiting

-          Hardworking, adaptive and motivated candidates

We offer:

-          Salary 8,21 GBP per hour

-          Accommodation provided on site for 35 GBP per week

-          Free meals when on duty

-          Bar training will be provided

-          Temporary contracts.


Vacancy 13:

England, Kitchen Porter and  Bartender for an Indian restaurant in North London

We require:

-          Good professional experience; Bartender  has to be with good cocktail / mocktail knowledge

-          Good English (bartender with at least B1 level)

-          Hardworking and


We offer:

-          Salary: Kitchen porter - £8.21 - £9 per hour; Bartender - £8 - £10 per hour + tips (approx. £150- £200 per month)  

-          Accommodation provided, shared house for 200 GBP per month including bills

-          Working time min. 40 hours a week

-          Start date- End of March 2019  - interviews asap!


Vacancy 14:

A couple for general assistants in a Café – restaurant in Scotland for the period 29th April till the end of October

Duties: selling items in the Gift Shop, serving in the Tea Room, dealing with customers – selling tickets and taking bookings for the Boat, keeping the areas clean

We require:

-       Some previous experience in the hospitality

-       Very good English

-       Hardworking and reliable candidates

We offer:

-       Salary 8,21 GBP per hour

-       Working time  Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00,  extra days off can be arranged to suit

-       Accommodation provided for 300 GBP per person per month, 2 bedroom flat available in the neighbouring village, fully furnished and with WIFI and can provide transport if required

-       Temporary contracts.